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Kiyomi x Metalcore.

Wonderland, GA
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Feb 01, 21 at 6:53pm
This account has been suspended.
May 16, 20 at 4:36am
Hello I'm new here. Your my first profile view.
I read this title all wrong. But yeah! When I play games with customizable characters and I have full ability to do what I want, I usually make her african american (orange caramel-coloured), the tallest I can (I'm almost 6' in real life), amazonian features (big chest, muscular but small waist [I'm a little chubby irl]), red/blonde/brown hair (because that's mostly the colours I use for my hair in real life), gothy facial features (black eyeshadow, black lipstick.. except I can't wear lipstick in real life cos huge lips) and a nice, soft but strong and certain voice. [self reminder to add my own BnS character here..] So in the most part, I do model my characters after myself. @Sunbae omg I give my characters the SMALLEST EYEBROWS I CAN because mine are so freaking thick...
Atlanta, Georgia here~ And the surrounding areas in Metro Atlanta. And @Suichi, I know those feelings. It was the same way, mercilessly picked on though. Had a small group of anime pals that grew up and grew apart. After the big three conventions (Momocon, AWA, D*Con) started getting popular here, everyone who was even closeted (you know, "I like DBZ/Sailor Moon/Pokemon but I ain't no nerd") started coming out the woodwork.
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