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Last online 3 days ago
Hi there you can call me TwoShy and I'm 6'5" or 195cm. I like painting/drawing, anime, and classic video games. Beyond that I'm all about monsters and robots. I'm here looking for friends to hangout, chat and play video games with. Isekai are my favorite type of anime to watch and my favorite anime is Digimon Adventure. I only have a Switch to play video games on atm though. I guess Armored Core would be my favorite video game but I'm really feeling Pokemon, Warframe, and LOZ lately. Outside I like walking trails, swimming, attempting tennis, bowling, playing in snow, and staring at the night sky.

So I joined MO Sep 13,2012 on a different account that I forgot the password to. Between 2012 and 2014 I was losing my dad to Primary Progressive MS and watching my mother destroy the unity of my family at the same time. I didn't mention it to anyone here at the time but having looked back there were signs. I thought I'd take a moment to remember the people that kept me together as my irl world was crumbling around me.

@misschisa @lovechronical @yiffy_bunny @happiegal @metaljester @chibibree197 @xblackxookamix @pulsa @meowkittycat @kawaiidango @momoichi @nekonyandemy @izaya1 @chibicourt19 @valshe @anime_22 @kitsunerena @lolitalove @animechick89 @hellfireprince @inverse @pint_of_ale @inorifluttershy123 @rayne267 @yaoiobsessedfangirl .

After my dad passed I logged back in from time to time but I never really came back the same person, and I lost contact with everyone. Thank you.

Should the site go down for a while or forever or I not be on here for a bit, another place to reach me is https://www.deviantart.com/digitalwolf001