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18 year old Male
Last online 17 days ago
I am a guy who grew up in the middle of Nowheresville. I fell in love with anime and the such from a young age. I also love technology and have a vivid obsession with black hair. I plan on attending college next year to gain a Japanese Language and studies degree. I enjoy thinking up stories and anime concepts. I want to move to Japan after college.
I would like to get with someone who is intelligent, and pretty. I want to date with the intention of marriage and if at all possible I would like to marry a manga artist. I think Japanese girls are cute. I am not going to sugarcoat it, I suck at being emotional.
I am good with computers and am learning game design. I had a bad childhood, if you want to know more you will have to wait until I get to know you.
I thought about dating guys and I decided if I met a guy who was cute(as in girly) enough I would be willing to do it. And yes I am a virgin.
Dreams; Japanese childhood Girlfriend, Dating Twins
Note-I will accomplish my dreams with or without your permission.
Aside from dating, if you are interested in some of my projects contact me.

About me;
Height: 6'5
weight: 195
race: White, like %5-25 native american.
I really just can't get rid of a tan when I want to.

I dislike most people, but I'm nice. I am an actual Otaku.
I dabble in a little game development and Pixel art.
I am into shorter girls.