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Likes: Females
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Mar 26, 19 at 12:34am


(Toto's) hakiwan! left a comment for Twigloo
Feb 21, 19 at 4:49am

Got it! > u <) I'm gonna try that style then! O u O) I'm glad you like it /)u(\

(Toto's) hakiwan! left a comment for Twigloo
Feb 20, 19 at 7:28pm

Omg- I hope I can be of any help, yes /)u(\ I'm excited to draw it!
Just to make sure if my style will please you, I'm posting here a few samples, okie? > < If you want something different, please let me know q u q

sushie left a comment for Twigloo
Feb 15, 19 at 5:02pm

Being asian I think still makes me a regular person.
I don't have exes, just a lot of why xD
THOTs begone!
What does smd mean? SECURE?

[Hakiwan's] Toto left a comment for Twigloo
[Hakiwan's] Toto
Feb 15, 19 at 3:55pm

wuwuuu xD
how are wu?

Feb 15, 19 at 3:21pm

I have been awake for 60+ hours. I love myself <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Feb 15, 19 at 3:10pm

New name new me.

Neverland left a comment for Twigloo
Feb 15, 19 at 1:19am

I hope you don't mind my references of you in my welcoming of new members to the site. I thought you could use some friends and I didn't want to rewrite what I wrote to you on there.... wahahahhaha xD.

P.S. Be scared. *cough cough*

Feb 14, 19 at 11:16pm

"A human being is meant to bear the burden of 24 hours -- no more, no less. If you live in the future, you will get anxious; if you live in the past you will get depressed. Twenty four hours is all that you have to live in. Give up all the burdens to the universe, to god, to your cat, to whatever - but the burdens of the past are not yours. The burdens of the future aren't yours either. Let them go. The day is your material. It's what's in front of you, it's the only thing you have the power to change or to shape or to use. It's your canvas. It's your material. So use it well."

Neverland left a comment for Twigloo
Feb 14, 19 at 10:34pm

Did you do anything weird while you were under, when they pulled your teeth out? Also if you haven't watched Great Teacher Onizuka before, I'd recommend that over Evangelion. Not as lonliness inducing lol.