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Sandy Springs, GA
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Mar 16, 22 at 9:05am
You could at least respect them. They’re not hurting you.
Mar 16, 22 at 9:03am
Why does it matter though? If someone wants to identify as something else, it’s not hurting you in any way. Why does someone being who they want to be cause trouble for you?
There are only 2 genders/sexes. People just wanna feel special and come up with multiple different genders to say what they are. Just because you cant relate to others within the same sex as you doesnt mean you get to change ur entire gender/sex to skmething that doesnt exist. You are born biologically whatever you are, no amount of surgery or medication can change that. Because in my eyes without those scientific advancements around you would have no way to change what you are. I really dont get whags so bad with being male or female does it trigger people that much to be called a man or woman? Trans people i will give a pass for, they are ar least conforming to one of 2 genders but these people that branch out wanting to be called xim xer like no thats not how it works.