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19 year old Female
Last online 1 day ago
Monterey, CA
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roostetking left a comment for thelittleeditor
Jan 20, 20 at 9:46pm

Fellow Californian here! Would love to chat about your MDLB interests, especially since we're pretty close to each other ;P

nick_the_1st left a comment for thelittleeditor
Aug 12, 19 at 2:12pm

Hello, my name is Nick. I'm from New York, I love anime, and if you would like to chat sometime, feel free to message me.

Apr 08, 19 at 9:42pm

Okay, I have a question that needs an answer. I don’t know if this is just me, but why do a lot of people give men shit for crying? It’s perfectly natural (and if I’m being honest I am able to trust a guy that cries more than one that doesn’t). I know society says that men can’t cry because they have to be tough, but honestly I don’t see anything attractive about a tough guy, I would probably be more attracted to a cutesy little cry-baby than a dude trying to be all macho XD. I just need to know is it only me that feels this way, or do others think more men should be able to show emotion?

Apr 06, 19 at 12:25am

Hey, so my boss recently asked me something interesting. She asked me why I wasn’t interested in having a biological child (be it through birth or surrogate). Other than the pain that comes with child birth, I realized that I don’t want to pass on the emotional issues that are biologically a part of me to a child. That would be selfish. So I would rather adopt someone in need and help them navigate life, than bring someone into the world that would feel constant pain in life. Just thought I would post my thoughts, thank you for reading this.

Makoto Haruki I feel the same way about biological children. My family has a long history of parents who have no idea what they are doing, and their children suffer from it. I don't want to be that way towards my kids so I'm choosing not to have them. Cat children are good enough for me, thanks :p
Mar 11, 19 at 11:30pm

Hey, what’s up? I’ve been playing a lot of Smash and Mystic Messenger lately so I haven’t been on much. However, I will share my lock screen with y’all, because everyone needs a guy like this (too bad a lot of these don’t exist in real life XD)

Feb 14, 19 at 6:58am

Hello everyone! Happy Worst day of the year XD honestly though I hate Valentines Day and I can’t believe I actually have to go to work on this day. UGH!!! But anyway, to help you all, here is a special gift from my buddy Link. You’ll need it to survive longer!

Lead Dickhead. left a comment for thelittleeditor
Lead Dickhead.
Jan 07, 19 at 8:09pm
This account has been suspended.
Dec 17, 18 at 6:24pm

Hey, you guys know how I made cupcakes a few days ago, well someone ate more cupcakes than they should have (it was either my mom or my sister), I tried to figure it out and they both start shouting at me. Then I start talking about how I need to start separating snacks (I feel a bit OCD sometimes) and my sister rolled her eyes and started shouting at me to stop diagnosing myself. I told her to shut her mouth because she knows nothing, like man, I cannot stand that FUCKING BITCH!!! SHE PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF, HER FUCKING DUMBASS CAN SIT THE FUCK DOWN IT WAS PROBABLY HER THATSTEALS FOOD! Ugh sorry went on a rant I’m just really pissed XD

Dec 15, 18 at 3:36pm

Hey guys, to get into the Christmas Spirit, I baked some cupcakes while dressed as a Neko Maid :)

I just do some random things sometimes XD

Oct 31, 18 at 4:23pm

Hey everyone what’s up?
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween!
I’m all dressed up already. I hope all of you have a great day and a fun night :)