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Spitfire The Siege

33 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
West Haven, CT
Straight Edge cat enthusiast. Chaos incarnate. Often impersonated by Thor. Enjoys long walks on the beach. Fuck your gods.

Interests besides anime/manga: Funko Pop Vinyls. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter and Chronicles of Nick series.Arrow. The Flash. Supernatural. Sons Of Anarchy. Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil. Scott Pilgrim(movie and comics). Marvel films. DC Comics. Rock, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Etc. Sushi. Hacky Sack. Pro Wrestling.

I'm a social media whore and sometimes I am interesting:
Twitter: @xSpitfirexTFKx
Snapchat: xSpitfirex00x
kik: Spitfire_TFK
Xbox Live: xHaptism00x
Tumblr: ZanexHaptism
Jul 12-14
Jul 10-13