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otaku chan

About Me?
well of course im not 110 years old silly
im like 14 yea i know that's young oh well im actually new on here so ya and the phone number up there that's a lie i just dont want you guys getting my number so easily heh heh well right about me
i have short term memory when it come to certain things like homework.
i have a tendency to be an asshole to some people if they do get my number and text me really early like 7,6,9, or 10 in the morning i tend to get angry now if you do get my number dont ask for my picture right away or me topless its really pointless well dont ask me to be topless in a picture at all i will never do it for i hate my body hmmm what else is there oh i tend to be immature so if you dont like immature people then tell me so i dont act idiotic around you and that's pretty much it alright bye bye ^^