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33 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Kingston, Jamaica
I like to think of myself as a young philosopher, in that I'm curious and always eager to learn new things.

I'm a down-to-earth kinda guy and believe that people should treat others in a fashion they would like to be treated. I'd much rather be on Karma's good side, so I'm a pretty morally sound individual.

I'm quite laid-back and observant - a bit eccentric sometimes. I tend like things that are unusual as the norm tends to bore me at times, which is why I indulge myself in writing and reading fictional stories/anime. And my favorite kinds of movies are those with horror, fantasy, action-adventure, or si-fi - I like unpredictably \(^w^)/

I'm somewhere between being a perfectionist and a realist, I think. I'm pretty open-minded and I like to make people feel good about him or herself.

- Don't drink, smoke, or go to parties. Conventions are different.
- Learning Japanese
- Likes to draw (haven't drawn in while, though)
- Searching for an illustrator to collaborate with
- Prefers Rock Alternative and Japanese music
- Very ambitious
- Has some measure of OCD
- Ridiculously patient
- Thinks it should be a sin for people to deliberately remain ignorant
- Loves to cook
- Sucker for long hair
- Searching for thy Hinata Hyuga
- Head-over-heels in love with pizza
- Favorite color: sky blue, favorite shade: white
- Wants to start 1st novel this year: 2014
- Prefers RPG games, such as Final Fantasy. Not to say I don't play other genres, as well. I have all the COD titles.
- As the characteristics of a leader, charismatic, and incisive.
- Favorite main stream anime: Naruto
- Hopeless romantic
- Loves nighttime, and the rain.
- Biggest fear: drowning

My original story (anime) is called: The Adept - been slowing working on it since high school. No, this has nothing to do with the novel I want to write and publish soon :}

To learn more about my personality, I would suggest checking out my fanfictions. Currently, I'm working on Naruto (NaruHina). I want to write a Sword Art Online fic next, since my friends demanded it.
You can find my stories at either links:-

★ My Blog
Current Pageviews: 45,603
Link: http://www.generaliterature.blogspot.com/2012/10/naruto-shippuden-hinatas-sensual.html

★ Fanfiction.Net
Current Pageviews: 45,248
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8618944/1/Hinata-s-Sensual-Adventure

There's lots of romance geared toward the girls, and lots of action-adventure for the guys. I found the right balance between the two.
I'm sure the story will be quite enjoyable.