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You: "Describe yourself in two words."

Me: "Sparky Muse."

What should I say about myself? Not really sure. I could suggest people just ask if they want to know something. Worst I can really do is refuse to answer a question or ignore the message (although I might not get a message right away, so just because I don't answer right away doesn't mean I've decided to ignore it).

That said, I've been called really oblivious before; the last time I realized somebody was flirting with me, it was because they said, and I quote, "I'm flirting with you".

I'm planning on taking some time to get to know the site; I'm not really serious about anything at the moment, and very, very, -very- hesitant about being on a site like this. Please be patient and let Sparky be Sparky.

oh, right I'm also on a free legal streaming site called Anime-Planet. Not sure if I should have mentioned that or not.