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displaynamehere @purefault left a comment for Sonic
Feb 23, 17 at 8:57pm
Hey there. It's been awhile! How are you?
XVX Otaku @brianm left a comment for Sonic
Sep 18, 16 at 11:13pm
Hello, I’m not the best at introductions, but being shy will do that you a person. But environmental engineering, outdoors, anime, games, and dancing made me want to talk to you. Uhm, what got you into collecting figure? Also, I hope you haven’t abandoned this site, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
mariahaise @mariahaise left a comment for Sonic
Jun 09, 16 at 10:26pm
HAHAHAH your parents lol don't worry you will be able to fully tell them to fuck out once you're all by yourself :D
mariahaise @mariahaise left a comment for Sonic
Jun 09, 16 at 9:56pm
Hahaha well they sound pretty stressful. D: Is everything alright tho? I'm fine, as fine as it can gets for me, been surviving as always. Same old with studies.
tfw you get approached by strange Indian aunties at weddings bc they're looking for suitable girls for their sons kill me plz
mariahaise @mariahaise Soooooooooooooooooooooooonic you're heeeere and alive how are you :DD
Feb 25, 16 at 9:58pm
Hi, thank for the request. :)
J @j_oxford left a comment for Sonic
Dec 12, 15 at 10:26am
Now that dog is the definition of thuggin'.
Luxus @superluxus left a comment for Sonic
Dec 12, 15 at 10:04am
patricio1293 @patricio1293 left a comment for Sonic
Dec 03, 15 at 9:47am
hahaha that's ok, I just figured Id ask! :b I will say though that artwork is probably one of the most important parts of any manga to me, so I can understand just wanting to look at some strictly cause of the artwork. Plus, I will agree with you, for most BL series, the stories are kinda the same so it can get boring to read more than a few of them in one sitting. Usually I try to find as many as I can that are really different in terms of their content and that are more story driven as well, though that is usually hard to do. XD The last one I read that I thought was REALLY good was Seven Days. That series is more of a Shounen-ai type manga so it focuses more on the relationship aspect of things and I thought it was very nicely done. :) to be honest, that's definitely going to stay as one of my all time favorites, if you have time, just check it out, you might like it as compared to some of the other stuff you might have read! (^^) ....... NAGISA!!! :3 he never stops being ridiculously cute. haha :b
patricio1293 @patricio1293 left a comment for Sonic
Nov 30, 15 at 12:18pm
that sounds amazing!! I have never actually gone on that site before, I usually buy from right stuf anime or Crunchyroll. haha That said, I'm definitely going to have to do that though if they would give me a five dollar discount when I buy both of them!! And I absolutely agree, Kageyama with his crown is super cute!! :b Oh, and if you haven't watched Haikyu though, you definitely should, its super fun! to be honest I just really want to be able to put them on display together, just cause I think they would make a very cute couple. (^^) by the way, are you into BL manga or anime at all?? I know that's a random question but I don't know many people that I can talk to about it. :b