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26 year old Male
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you do realize that i work as well right? i own a house, have bills to pay, my own responsibilities (at which mostlikely have mroe than you would ever have) i own land that requires constant upkeep on. so your unnecessary negativity can go. when i made this thread i was curious to as if it's active or not, at which the site just seemed dead and still does. i don't sit in front of a screen for 24 hrs smh.


SMH. Why do threads like this even exist? People have responsibilities, tasks, chores to do, and bills to pay, and hobbies to pursue.
They don't just sit 24 hours infront of a screen, logged into 1 site, and hitting the refresh button non-stop.
Besides, the slow pace is a true blessing that adds comfort and reduces stress. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and seeing that there's 5000 new messages to catch up on before going to bed. That would be so damn stressful and annoying to scroll through all of that. And by the time you finish then there's no more time left for gaming.
I'd rather prefer that the site stays as calm as it is.


i hear crickets on here


lmao bernie is blowing up in memes lately DX


No one:
This site trying to get new members to stay:


figures nothing on here


what am i doing on here, i have no clue. but hello people.