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30 year old Male
Last online over 10 years ago
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I watch it on... animefreak.tv... sorry for the late reply. If you can't find it on some websites it might be because you have to look it up by its original name kuroshitsuji.

May 04, 11 at 9:13pm

I have read a little. I just don't have time to read them.

May 04, 11 at 9:02pm

I love Reborn! I'm so upset my school library only has volumes up to like 13 or 14!

May 04, 11 at 8:51pm

No, I'm the 5th out of 6. I watch and read a bunch of anime and manga. Mainly shonen and shojo genres. I'm reading Maximum Ride right now. What about you?

May 04, 11 at 8:09pm

Cool. My siblings range from 12 years older to 2 years younger.

May 04, 11 at 7:14pm

That's cool. How old is he gonna be?

May 04, 11 at 6:31pm

I think I'm paranoid on my own.


Hm, that's funny and kinda sucks too. I know that feeling too. When I hang out with my friends Jon and Calvin I have to keep my guard up all the time. If I don't they try something weird to mess with me. I think they've subconsciously made me paranoid.

May 04, 11 at 5:21pm

Because her & my friend Nezumi were goofing off. They were throwing my water bottle at each other, and she throw it at Nezumi, it bounced off Nezumi and hit me in the head. It was almost as funny as the first time. I think, subconsciously, she's out to get me!

May 04, 11 at 4:42pm

Beside my friend hitting me in the head, again. It's been same old, same old.