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Aug 17, 19 at 11:56pm
Age: 21 (Male) Name: Shiru ( real name is pretty similar) Pet Peeve: i can't stand overly social and overly tolerant people Trait I like: assertive / shy / crazy (i kinda am into crazy lol for example anime yanderes or sadists etc) Age gap: +/-3 years . I would probably go further but i am still in college and it would feel awkward if my partner would have a job and i wouldn't . Good Trait: I am kinda funny i guess Bad Trait: too shy on outside but dirty on inside ; i am quite toxic when expressing my opinion to people i don't know or don't care about(tho i wouldn't say such things to people i care for ) . Looking for: Female Other stuff: idk really guess you could say im clingy af xD Oh and i really lack self-confidence oof
Did the test 1 year ago ... and yet again i came up with 100% Switch xD == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Switch 100% Rigger 99% Rope bunny 97% Brat tamer 97% Brat 91% Degradee 88% Boy/Girl 77% Dominant 76% Masochist 75% Submissive 71% Ageplayer 68% Sadist 60% Degrader 54% Experimentalist 53% Vanilla 52% Master/Mistress 48% Primal (Prey) 46% Slave 44% Daddy/Mommy 39% Owner 29% Pet 10% Primal (Hunter) 3% Voyeur 2% Exhibitionist 1% Non-monogamist