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34 year old Male
Last online about 7 years ago
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Apr 02, 12 at 8:37am

Hi there!! I'm doing great. I just got done with moving and settling into the new place minus getting rid the excess stuff which will take time. My life has been really busy but it's lessened now. I've been attending ACen for more than a decade. I haven't been to any cons outside of Illinois but I want to. I just don't know where to go for out-of-the-state conventions is all. Which one you know of? I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to hear from you.

Feb 05, 12 at 1:03am

Hi there. I'm doing fine. How are you doing and I have been attending ACen for many many years. And I have not attended any cons outside of Illinois. Have you?

my_koibito<3 left a comment for SetaHaseo
Feb 04, 12 at 11:34pm

Hi, how are you? How long have you been attending ACEN? Have been to any cons outside of Illinois

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