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Camerally (Sailor Venus)

24 year old Female
Last online about 2 months ago
Milwaukee, WI
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May 09, 18 at 2:58am


thank you very much for sending me your friends request. I would love to get to know you and be a good friend to you. anyway forgive me for being away for so long i eventually had forgotten my username and password Fear not, I figured it out i was not ignoring you. I am very grateful I am friend to you and loyal shall I be, god bless you hope to hear from you soon.

Feb 18, 18 at 12:06am

O,O hello again.

Jan 05, 18 at 6:10pm

Omg wow you are actually back O.O i havent heard from you in like what a year? 2 years?

Camerally (Sailor Venus) I know right? Like I said I miss my Leo club. And I need friends lol
poland1 left a comment for Camerally (Sailor Venus)
Dec 30, 17 at 9:53pm

Hey what's up!

Dec 26, 17 at 12:46am

Hello~! I have not really participated in any extracurriculars at BG, but I'm interested in doing things assuming grad students are allowed. Normally I stay cooped up in my office at Shatzel with the other philosophers. :P

Camerally (Sailor Venus) Everyone is welcome at ANO. Idk if you've ever been to Animarathon at all. It's out on at the union every year by the anime club. It's fun! I volunteer every year!
Feb 15, 17 at 6:24pm

Thanks for the request

Feb 01, 17 at 10:52pm

Hiya fellow grumps fan. I actually got to see nsp play when they were in chicago. :) I'm Matt. Nice to meet ya.


I'm so stuffy and my sinuses are bothering me so much.. I wanna sleep but I'm too miserable

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