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29 year old Female
Last online about 2 months ago
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Sep 05, 21 at 6:48pm

Hey how's the three day weekend going? Watching any good anime?

whensidols @whensidols left a comment for Raquelle
Jul 10, 21 at 3:08pm

Hey there, how's it going?
Looking forward to the next season of haikyuu? (* ゚∀゚)

ShinkuTsume @shinkutsume left a comment for Raquelle
Feb 28, 21 at 12:12am

Hi! Let's be friends! (`・ω・´)ノ

Yellow Otaku @yellowotaku left a comment for Raquelle
Jan 19, 21 at 1:36pm

Hello fellow Californian! I hope we can be friends and talk about anime and stuff ^^

afrosubaru @afrosubaru left a comment for Raquelle
Jan 15, 21 at 10:45pm

I like your favorite anime list, especially Future Diary and Avatar! I also see some rom coms I haven't seen yet there. I'd love to watch some stuff like that with you if we vibe well. I've also read a lot of the Attack on Titan manga, the show is gonna somehow be even better, great anime for you to start with.


henlo fellow californian


You sound like you're new into anime? :)

Raquelle @rockwell Sort of. I started watching anime about 5 years ago. But I’ve watched a bunch recently during quarantine so my watch list has gotten bigger this past 9 months.
Dec 20, 20 at 3:16pm

About to watch the new attack on titan episode! Fun fact this was the first anime I’ve ever watched.

Cutting ties @theghoulieleader Oh have fun! I binged season 1-3 awhile ago and I'm waiting for season 4 to end before I start it. The struggle of avoiding spoilers is real ;-;
Raquelle @rockwell I enjoy binging as well haha but I’ve waited too long to wait. It is hard watching week by week tho
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader Fair enough lol at least your memory is good enough to remember it. I got a video favorited just before I start
Raquelle @rockwell Oh well I rewatched season 1-3 right before season 4 aired haha I needed a refresher. And I had the time.
Dec 20, 20 at 3:00am

Was watching Charlotte the other day. Idk how I felt about it at first. But after a few episodes I was hooked. It was way more then what it seemed. Went a direction I didn't expect. 10/10

Cutting ties @theghoulieleader It's a good anime for sure. I say check out golden time
auntron_ @auntron_ So true, golden time in my opinion is a great anime to check out :3!
Raquelle @rockwell Golden Time has been on my watchlist but two people telling me to watch I’ll bump it up. Thanks for the rec!!