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May 26, 17 at 10:25am

Hi! I haven't been able to make an update on the story yet, so here goes...
Wow, he is beautiful Mia thought. For a moment they stayed in a complete silence, till Tiger managed to ask, if by any chance Mia was afraid of him. Luckily it wasn't him who Mia was scared of at that moment ('cause first of all she had been living with that cat for her enternal life and the second of all there were other things to be scared of like the dark room they were in) so Mia shaked her head. "Thank god," Tiger said. And even tho it was all nice and sparkly (and Mia was even blushing a little) I had to ruin it (you can thank me later). Suddenly they heard a claddering noise coming from the wall. Instantly Mia frozed and tears became to fall from her eyes again. Then our brave little kitten (you know what i mean) stepped foward and hugged the girl as he stated that she can stop crying now 'cause her knight in shining armor had arrived (well not really but again you know what i mean). The tears of fear in Mia's eyes turned into the tears of joy, because that was the first time that someone said and did stuff like that to her and who would have fit better then not her beloved kitty.

May 19, 17 at 8:49am

Oh just so you'd know, I drew a small comic few hours ago and it was about a girl who was afraid of a lots of thing (seriously!) like darkness and lonelyness (tho she was scared of people) etc... And there was only one thing (I know that it's rude to say 'thing about it) she wasn't scared of and it was her white cat named Tiger. And then there was a party and somehow Mia (the girl) ended up in a really dark room and started crying and quietly (because the voice didn't come out) started begging for someone to save her... then out of nowhere Tiger showed up and started talking to her (yea, kinda supernatural) and..well...ofc Mia was a little surprised, but not really scared. First she thought that she was just so scared that she started imagine stuff and asked 'how's that even possible?' and then Tiger said: "well I wasn't an ordinary cat anyway, am I right, Mia?" And with that being said he magically turned from a cat to a really handsome white haired guy (ofc ears and tail didn't change, I mean nobody's perfect haha). and for the rest of the story you have to like this one, K? (it will be really cute!! well tbh it's cute already....)

May 19, 17 at 8:32am

So who draws manga in here? I do. haha since I'm pretty expressionless then drawing is my way to express some feelings and, y'know, it's a lot of fun too! So I wouldn't mind you sharing your way of art with me! haha, see ya!

May 19, 17 at 7:55am

Hey there! I just signed up in here! I hope we will have a lots of fun together, OK?

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