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₳I N✪ Ҡ₳ƓE

21 year old Male
Last online 33 minutes ago
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Poem: misunderstood. came a long way, went to the darkest tunnel trying to be the light to maybe bring out, all the other lost souls that i saw along the way. Maybe thats why i am attracted to darkness most of the time. Because i ought to be. If we as salt of the earth wont go to the forbridden places and offer help to the hopeless then, who will. So many broken... So many Open... susceptible to anything... Just looking for everything..
Yesterday at 5:18pm
Get a room, you two!
*hugs you back and giggles aswell* Finally, i thought i would have to wait forever ;)
May 30, 23 at 12:54pm
*giggles and give you a hug*
@forgetmenot was that from Jotaro's theme? I mean, it sounds kind of familiar, but wasn't the melody slightly different? Not sure tho and after all you are the Jojo Expert of the two of us haha :D