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₳I N✪ Ҡ₳ƓE

22 year old Male
Last online 11 months ago
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Jun 27, 23 at 11:29am
Jun 26, 23 at 7:46am
"Yes, I am a prisoner of sorts, but my prison isn't the house. It's my own thoughts that lock me up!" ~V.C. Andrews
"I dont know who you are, i cant seem to remember you at all, but i know that i lost you, one or two forevers ago.. I cant remember the sound of your laugh, or even the tone of your voice. I cant remember your face, not even your name, but i know that you where there! I know that i lost something, i just cant remember what it was. Maybe we were friends, maybe enemys, maybe a little more then strangers.. maybe we played together once or twice, one or two forevers ago.. My mind is rotting the more it grows, my memories return to me like fighter jets from the war full of holes, but the more i repair the spots that got damaged the more i neglect to reinforce the spots that were hit, that took down the memorys that never returned at all.. Their is a undeniable knowlege that i lost something and that i will never get to know exactly what it was. It is a cruel Burden, this knowlege that you lost something that now, you can no longer even hold a memory of it, maybe it was good, maybe it was bad, maybe it was insignificant, but it was yours! And now you can never have it back.. I think i lost myself.. One or two forevers ago.. But even if i did i cant remember who he was." ~Unknown