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Red Wing

Last online over 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Red.

I wouldn't consider myself a dedicated anime fan but I enjoy watching it in my free time. I can't deny my love for 2D anime guys but, it seems my 3D life has gotten a bit lonesome. I've recently become a big fan of Sanrio, hence why my current profile pic is Pom Pom Purin.


- I draw sometimes in my free time but I prefer to paint.
- I read books and manga.
- Watching anime should be a given, I guess. Lol
- I do a bit of gaming but recently I've done it less and less.
- Cooking is something I love doing but unfortunately, I let my laziness gets to me
- There are days when I decide to write, although it is rare.


- I admit to being a foodie. I'm not the healthiest person but I try.
- Tiramisu has to be my most favorite dessert.
- I like the cold mainly because you can escape it with a blanket. The hotter the day is, the harder it is to escape the heat.


- I hate hot weather with a passion.
- Personally I really dislike artichoke. Never even think of bringing one near me.
- Crowds of people tend to scare me off but if I really want to go somewhere, where there is a crowd then I will.

What I look for in a relationship doesn't matter as much as what I don't want in a relationship. I will admit to having a hard time with past relationships due to it being both party's faults. I like to be honest when it comes to how I feel on certain things so you may find some of my comments rude or blunt. I need to be told when something is bugging someone so it can be discussed rather than pushed under the rug and fought over later.

All I want is to be loved as much as I will love whoever decides to have a relationship with me. I'm easily won over with flattery and compliments alone. I don't take compliments well so if I say a simple, "Thank You." It probably means I don't know how to respond back due to the amount of blushing that is happening behind the screen.

I know I may seem like a lot but please take care of me and I will treat you as you treat me. Have a great day. ❤