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120 year old Male
Last online about 4 years ago
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panda @death543 left a comment for Unknown
Dec 08, 16 at 11:45am

Well Linkin Park ain't that popular now.....making me luv em more....I'm just playing Star Wars Battlefront.......you?


Indeed cool to see.
Thanks for that !

Dec 07, 16 at 4:45pm

Thank you :D
Well at the moment, I'm just writing it for myself or something like that, if that makes sense
Guess because I like to write stories, but at some point, I do want to publish it in some form
Thank you again, I'm still working on it and have been for almost 8 years (I believe)
though it's been through some rewrites and at some point I scrapped the original Idea


Well I'm still taking care of her and the local college didn't take the the fact I became legally blind to well called me "too great a risk' lol but maybe someday when my role here is done I'll find something more open :) I know a few visually challenged chefs so not impossible
I actually never played the fallout series must be good if you're on your 2nd playthrough

panda @death543 left a comment for Unknown
Dec 05, 16 at 12:42pm

Hun that's one thing you and I like in common.....music with emotion....man if you luv that try this.....a band of mine...my personal favorite.....Linkin Park......Man their songs....man.....you'll luv em guaranteed.....though try these favorites of Linkin Park...Breaking Habits.....New Divide.....In the End....Numb...all Linkin Park songs and if you heard em that's another thing we got in commom...keep it up ;).........I'll also try Handsome Devls....give it a shot cus If you like it...I'm sure I will too.....so.....what you up too (I ask this only to show that I want a reply :P ....you dont really have to answer if you don't want to)


Favourite titles include: The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Scott Pilgrim VS. The World, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained, the first Nightmare on Elm Street was also brilliant
I like mystery, horror, things that are off, fantasy, sci-fi
I am getting to know movies, however I don't have a lot of time to watch since I am an intern.
Though I'm learning a lot there too, learning editing, camera and other things is good to know as a director

panda @death543 left a comment for Unknown
Dec 05, 16 at 12:15pm

What music interests you pretty lady ;)


Exactly !

I write dark sci-fi/fantasy
I watch some Netflix and some movies here and there.
I want to be a director later on, so I love classic movies and movies of the very big and talented directors.
I play a bit of Rocket League.
A painter ! That's awesome.

I totally understand !

panda @death543 left a comment for Unknown
Dec 05, 16 at 9:49am

I like the type of music that goes deep into your soul....the types that make you want to feel or do something silly and the classic piano types like Canon....Bluestone Alley...stuff like that

Dec 05, 16 at 2:04am

right now I'm working on a story that I've been at for around 7 or 8 years