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24 year old Female
Last online 8 months ago
Salt Lake City, UT
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Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 19 at 3:56am

Back for just a little bit. Sorry, you guys for not responding to any messages! Been working a lot to save up for next year's bills.

Ship of Fools @fulcrum left a comment for purah
Dec 21, 19 at 3:50am

Hello there


You got this homie.

Dec 12, 19 at 4:38am

If I stop messaging you guys.. I am asleep. I took the sleeping syrup and it is kicking in fast. I do apologize for any inconvenience.

[DERP] Charles @redhawk Sweet dreams Floja :3
Dec 10, 19 at 6:22am

;^^ I sadly can't have milk since I am lactose intolerant. I only drink stuff with soy or almond milk. They do make chocolate almond milk and stuff but I never tried it. Oh! Cranberry Juice is delicious! You're welcome! Always glad to explain something if I ever sound like I am being confused. No, I understand that, but there are like.. four signs of which you shouldn't come into work.. But then again that is for food service that I know of. Flu shot? I guess that does make sense. I do! I work for amazon right now! Late-night shifts which is why I am so used to being up all night.

BrowneyBoy (Macro Simp) @theghoulieleader I used to be lactose really badly but my diet changed up a lot and I can deal a bit more. I enjoy soy milk more so then almond milk personally since it's less bland? XD I think that can be for any service but we personally do manufacturing with chemicals so only real danger is getting others sick. Oh nice what do you think about Amazon and I got a friend here who works for them!

Hm you're missing out on chocolate milk tho :P haha at least tea will flush out your system. I started drinking some light cranberry juice, and ohhh thanks for the explanation and thank you! Well I think everyone has to try to work or show up instead of calling out unless it's really bad. They say he got the flu shot so could be the symptoms, but yeah sick people show up unless it's really bad. Do you work miss stranger?


That happens to me sometimes too honestly so maybe I was wrong and its suger that helps? Haha that sounds really good but what is matcha? I love green tea and I worked out. Glad it's nothing too serious, one guy at work has the "flu" apparently.


There is always the secret of caffeine via many methods :D Cofffee, tea, soda haha though I do hope you're not actually too sick. Good morning to you as well, I just woke up a bit earlier and I'm hoping I'm not too sore.

Dec 09, 19 at 10:44pm

Welcome to the site new person! :0