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29 year old Male
Last online about 3 years ago
Im 1993 born and man.
My name is Park and im from korea.

Im sorry that I have unique taste on anime, so different with yours

I usually watch 2000's anime, repeatedely cuz I dont want to see recent animess.

I think there are so many different kinds of Anime that just watching Anime does not mean we are having the same taste.

I came in because I wanted to talk to someone who has the same taste as me.

Belows are my favorite animes :

- kodomono jikan
- mitsudomoe
- saya no uta(game)
- mahou shoujo madoka magicka(yuri saves the world.)
- black bullet
- maria holic
- yuruyuri
- candy boy(like it because it is pure yuri anime)
- kanamemo(yuri)
- strawberry panic(yuri)
- bludgeoning angel dokuro-chan(bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan)
- mirai-nikki
- MM(light novel is good, anime is not good)
- fate-zero
- narcissus(game)
- elfen lied
- Brynhildr in the Darkness(only cartoons)
- parasyte(cartoon)
- higurashi no naku koro ni
- ore twin tail ni nari masu
- also games(half life, portal, bioshock, starcraft, league of legends(but my gaming skills are terrible), modern warfare, fear)
I like.
-magical witch punie-chan
- im planning to watch himegoto,jashin-chan dropkick, I think it will match my taste.
And also
I dont know this in english so i write in japanese.

And my favorite character is :

Homura(from madoka magicka)
Senjogahara hitagi(from bakemono gatari)
Mitsuba(from mitsudomoe)
Kokonoe rin(from kodomono jikan)
Kirihime(dog & scissors)
Rem and ram(re:zero)

All of this character is sadistic and smart....

Belows are my so-so list(not that good but not that bad) :

-setokai no ichijou
-bakemono gatari
-new game(i stopped in middle)
-suzumiya haruhi
-the familiar of zero
-corpse party
-wataten(i stopped in middle)
-kill la kill(i stopped in middle, i dont like the costume but action scene was good)

Belows are my bad list :
(Below animes was not matched for me)

-jojo(i watched cartoon and stopped in middle)
-a certain magical index
-a certain scientific railgun
-bang dream
-love live
-idol master
-k on
-gundam or mechnical things
-high school of the dead
-shakukan no shana
-princess principle(character and concept was very attractive but story was not...)
-soul eater(character and concept was very attractive but story was not..)
-expelled from paradise
-two love trouble(? I dont know this in english)
- kimetsu no yaibu
- bodacious space pirate(i expected a lot but no action scene)
- kidou senkan nadesiko(i expected a lot for girl captain but was not good)
- black lagoon(i expected a lot but so-so)
- gun slinger girl(i expected a lot but so-so)
- unbreakable machine doll(i expected a lot but so-so)
- ef series
- 5 centimiter per second(i think it is for unmarried person)
- rezero(i stopped in middle but rem and ram was very attractive character)

I tried and searched other animes and tried many anime but i found most anime is boring to me

I dont see bang dream or love-live.. Like similar things, but i like yuri cartoons based on it.

And i think i like weird things, as you can see in above list.

Im from korea, and 1993 born.

I want to become relationship somewhat like soulmate.

I can travel abroad if we become close friend, although there are pandemic occurs now

Im sorry my english can be poor and some of grammar can be awkwared and awkward expression can show on my sentence because im not good at english, and most north-east asian(japan,china,korea) don't use english.

If you are okay, please add me
discord : PlantOnAntiartic#4143
line : magicka1
kakaotalk : watchofficer

*i misspelled my id before, now i changed my id