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Last online about 1 year ago
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Apr 24, 19 at 2:24am

why did u come back to this hell hole
- me probably

Papertowel @papertaowel left a comment for Phebe
Oct 31, 17 at 5:46pm

If you have chance, then I say yes. It is only one night out of the whole year so why not? I wouldn't let grades get in the way of enjoying a spooky night out... meanwhile I stay home and play video games haha

Oct 31, 17 at 3:13pm

Should I go Trick or Treating? My mom forced me to get an XL size for my costume because that was the size that fit my bust size the best, but everything else is WAYYYY overly huge. The only part that fits is actually my bust size.. the sleeves are too long (that's not all that bad, though, we fixed it easily) but the shoulder size is too long, it looks like I'm wearing deflated shoulder pads ;-;
If you're wondering what I'm wearing, I got a Four Star Academy school uniform from the anime Aikatsu Stars. I honestly don't think my mom is going to let me go Trick or Treating anyway due to my kinda low grades xd