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31 year old Male
Last online about 5 hours ago
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Neverland left a comment for NonoV2
Feb 15, 19 at 9:27pm

Ah, maybe someday I'll be able to join you overseas then. I'm actually more interested in food spots than just exploring the anime or local tourist spots. Oh, I do want to try the hot springs as well. I just feel like it'd be awkward being in the nude w/ all them other nude guys. I didn't realize you were a software engineer as well bro. Man I've been running into more and more of them on this site as of late. That's pretty awesome!

Dec 27, 18 at 2:39pm

Here we go again. ^o^

Neverland Man you're frickken lucky dude!
Dec 22, 18 at 2:41pm

Time for holidays, and soon Japan. UwU

Nov 23, 18 at 5:27pm

Feelings these days

elhaym left a comment for NonoV2
Oct 28, 18 at 12:56pm

Nono looks very cute~ did you played PSO2 the last time? I was very busy the last time. And more time to manage some tasks. Let me know if you wanna play some rounds~

Mitsuha‚ô° left a comment for NonoV2
Oct 06, 18 at 4:30pm


elhaym left a comment for NonoV2
Oct 03, 18 at 4:24am

6 month doesn't sounds too far. So it's not a big hinder to re-play PSO2 :)

PSO2es has a "nice" friendlist solution. You are playing with your friends in a passive way, like you can use the friend-terminal (for FUN points) in PSO2 for doing quests. PSO2es feels like a sandbox game, just online :D

I reinstall the primary game. Now, the client has downloaded 39000 of 59084 files, because it says "Couldn't find file xy. Please reinstall the game".-. I'm curious if I can play it then.

elhaym left a comment for NonoV2
Sep 30, 18 at 3:24pm

How long time is it ago that you have played PSO2? I must use the troubleshooting - one or some files are missing .-. Did you played the mobile version PSO2es?
I agree, it makes a lot of fun if you play that game in a group. But you can easily find a nice group if you are going some rounds~

elhaym left a comment for NonoV2
Sep 30, 18 at 8:18am

Hey there! Yes~ I like to play PSO2. But I'm actually reinstalling it - so it needs some time until I can play it again. So yeah, join the company then if you want :)

nyjachan left a comment for NonoV2
Sep 27, 18 at 5:14am

yeah, tell me later who your favourite characters are:D

I know what you mean, I also want to have more time to watch anime and do other things