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34 year old Male
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Sep 15, 16 at 5:03pm
Hey man, just wondering, do you have Facebook?
Sep 02, 16 at 3:07pm
Yeah, Sega making good decisions and hiring good people... it's kinda weird. haha.
Aug 08, 16 at 1:27am
Yeah, the new Sonic Project looks like it could be cool too, but I was almost in disbelief seeing Sonic Mania. It's what we've all wanted for over a decade now. Now I have to buy a PS4 for sure... lol
Hey otoburikid its been awhile
Aug 03, 16 at 2:50pm
So, the new 2D Sonic game looks pretty amazing.
Jul 14, 16 at 10:55am
Yeah, that makes sense. I think in the comics, they even made Sonic underground its own separate timeline... haha. I was thinking of the "official"timeline, which is still confusing unless you go by just the main console games. I haven't read the comics in yea,s but I always thought it was cool that they pretty much bring every Sonic universe together in one way or another. Speaking of the Wii Nights game, I really need to try it again. Got it for dirt cheap, but I've only played it a handful of times.
Jul 13, 16 at 11:27am
Yeah, it's so weird that Sega had these great IP's, did nothing with them, and then eventually outsourced their biggest franchise Sonic. It's a real shame to see those go to waste. Nights will always be a favorite of mine too. I've also been looking more into the Sonic canon, and I've heard only the main console games actually work for the true storyline?
Jul 12, 16 at 10:35pm
Haha... that's true. Sega Bass Fishing was fun, but felt odd shoved into a Sonic game, especially through Big the Cat. And then the Werewolf stages in Sonic Unleashed were basically 3D Ristar. Would have been cooler if Ristar had actually just been in the game. Yet another great game forgotten in time. A lot of people put SA2 over 1, but 1 will always be special to me, although the Chao Garden was perfected in SA2.
Jul 09, 16 at 11:41am
Yeah, definitely. I guess a lot of the spinoff Sonic games just got a bad rep after a few games. Even after a long while, the first Sonic Adventure game isn't as loved as it was back in the day. It's still one of my favorite games of all time, though. I think that was my most hyped game of my entire childhood. heh. The main series of Mario games seemed to always hold up too. Yeah, I think what bothered me other than the cheap deaths was that the game tells you when to switch teammates. It would have been a lot better to make you have to think just a little about what to switch to or have sections that couple maybe work with 2 out of the 3. Oh well.
Jul 06, 16 at 12:19pm
It's nice to see Sonic Spinball get some appreciation. I loved it on Genesis despite it being really hard. The GameGear version was broken, though. haha. Kudos for going through so many Sonic games... honestly, I lost interest after Sonic Heroes. To this day, I still haven't beaten it. But yeah, they were pumping out games as much as possible, and it lead to neglect for the main series and a drop in quality. But maybe this time things will finally change for the better.
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