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27 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
Namur, Belgium
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May 10, 22 at 4:43pm
Smile Precure and Go Princess Precure
Any precure fans here? If so, favorite series/characters?
May 10, 22 at 4:30pm
Me too, I fan of Lolita fashion, in Belgium this fashion are not really popular but I have somes friends fans of Lolita Fashion.
I know there was an old thread dealing with the fashion, but it's inactive, so I decided to make this one! Are there any lolitas on here? What's your preferred sub-style? What's your favorite brand? What lolita dresses/skirts do you own? If you haven't started, but are interested, ask questions! I'm a sweet lolita and my favorite brand will forever be Angelic Pretty! I own Toy Parade and Dream Fantasy (soon to arrive) by Angelic Pretty and Bunny Cinderella by Bodyline (I used to own Squirrel Party). ^-^
May 10, 22 at 4:18pm
Hello guy's make long time I nerver reback on this website but I'll reback for make's friends Otaku.
May 10, 22 at 4:34pm
This game are very fine.