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25 year old Female
Last online almost 10 years ago
I love anime!!!! I don't have any other otaku friends(except OneHellofanotaku 123!!), so I wanted to make some ^^;

I love music. It's my life as well as drawing. I like J-rock, j-pop, k-pop, metal, rock. I love vocaloid! Anything except rap and country. ^^;;

I'm hoping to make some really good friends on this site. ^w^ So don't be afraid to inbox me or leave me a comment!

Anime genres I'm interested in: horror, mystery, romance, comedy, slice of life, school life, action, fantasy, supernatural, shonen-ai, yaoi, etc.

As for games... I play Pokemon (more than one should xD) Soul Caliber, Wings of Destiny, Kaleidoscope, Heroes Of The Realm, etc

Thank you for taking the time to read this~ [\^w^/]