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26 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
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Aquarius @aquarius left a comment for oattymeal
Jun 23, 22 at 8:23pm
Really hoping you are real, and return soon.
LaPetore @lapetore left a comment for oattymeal
May 23, 22 at 10:46am
Hey oattymeal, I like your profile picture. It's cute.
Yo, yo ,yo (just kidding I am as white as they get) I am wondering if anyone in the Missouri area is on here. I mean anyone, girl, boy, alien, rabid wolf creature... I think you get my point. I am just looking for friends who have similar interests IE anime (hahaha), cosplay, gaming, art, band, music, and whole bunch of other stuff you probably don't care about. And hey maybe we can talk about stuff that I didn't even know exsisted. That is what's fun when meeting new people.. Well, everyone get your game on :D
Dec 08, 12 at 7:26pm
People who bully others, hardcore grammar mistakes,when people who repeatedly insist on bugging/talking to me when they can CLEARLY see I have headphones in and wonder why I snap at them or ignore them. OH and the number one thing that totally irks me is when someone scraps their teeth against a fork/spoon. The noise drives me insane!
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