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34 year old Male
Last online over 5 years ago
I've been programming all my life and specialize in compilers and game engines. Graph theory, reductionist physicalism, and determinism are fun topics for me ; D. I care about my diet and read labels, but I don't go out of my way to prepare food. I'm a big fan of games with good melee combat (Dark Souls 4ever) and I absolutely love anime. I have a tremendous amount of fun streaming on Twitch (party party party) and listening to jpop/jrock/vocaloid music ^_^. I keep up with politics and laugh away while politicians make fools of themselves (late night comedy news anyone?). Finally, I adore all things kawaii <3. I main'd Kirby for a long time in Super Smash Bros and Toad in Mario Kart for a reason ; P. Ok.. Toad was min/max >.>. If you couldn't tell, I give not a **** about gender roles kekeke (evil laugh).