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19 year old Female
Last online about 6 hours ago
Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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duzzie @duzzie left a comment for nagitoichigo
Feb 24, 21 at 2:23am

Tinder for weebs there solved your question

Feb 23, 21 at 11:41pm

Sooo, you want to hear a Description eh? Well have I got a Description for you!

Bahaha. Maiotaku is a website, attracts all kinds of people... what kind? Well, first there's me, 'The quiet guy' silence is a weapon, my friend. Then you got your legends, you'll find them soon. Desperate guys who have never touched a girl before, also you will see soon. Now, I have seen an anime hater here before. Lmaoo (others may not dare show up). All in all, it's pretty nice here! I been here for 3 years, that's a rip, honestly.

XD enjoy the stay

Dex_son @dex_son left a comment for nagitoichigo
Feb 23, 21 at 5:05pm

This place is basically where we all get together, find out whos the weirdest or creepiest, and then celebrate them. Also to have fun

Feb 23, 21 at 3:10pm

Hello and welcome! To call this a dating site would be a bit of a stretch, more like a site to meet fellow otaku and make some friends with the possibility of finding a relationship. Although it matches you with others based on anime you have in common, and distance from you.