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judd birch

Last online 6 months ago
fuck you,
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happy holidays


why you hate hugssssssssss




me:(finds a pretty girl on maiotaku) im going to talk to her
me: ( ten days later) and she has a girlfriend that's great
me:(2 weeks later) why can't I find anyone that wants my girlfriend that is it just one please please maaiotaku god's please


my friend lace wrote it
Alright, just... real quick. How do I make this as nice as possible?
I understand that the original purpose of this site is for dating and all that, but some people just want to be here for shits and giggles. Does that make sense?
That being said, if you do try to approach me or anybody on here with the intention of asking them out or something similar, I would highly implore you to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Most people tend to put stuff into their bios and specify what/who they like and maybe even their purpose for being on this site.

That was my friendly PSA
thank you lace couldn't say it better myself


mijaaaa cuando le pegamos al idiota ese q t rechazo ? ;DDDD


Flipping tables is always cute


your bio xD


this is so motherfing cute


I am done.....

I'm done with you bringing my hopes up and bringing them down

I'm done with every time I try to talk to you I end up with a frown

I'm done with feeling useless when I'm with you

Maybe I am a little girl but this little girl has been through some shit

And just because of it she's not going to stop I hope when all my books drop you aren't the first person who buys them

Do you think you could give me the definition of euphoria cuz that is definitely not what I feel when I'm around you

I know that you are against everything I do

I am done being blue Because your mess is too sticky kind of like glue

Roses are red violets are blue this time I give up

On you