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30 year old Female
Last online over 9 years ago
sacramento, CA
my name is momo
Im 20
I love anime,video games,d&d(played 3.5,5e, and besm)I love watching alot of things...comedies,romance,action....im a lover....a glorious one if you treat me right....I had met what I thought was my soulmate on here and we were together for almost 4 years. Though I let him go due to being used....and hes already moved on so I might as well im not looking for a relationship....not yet at least..I would like to make some friends....maybe meet someone nice....im very shy at first but can be very outgoing once i know you....uhm im motherly I suppose.....from what my friends say.....I BELIEVE IN THE YOU THAT BELEIVES IN ME XD......im super caring and will go lengths for friends ....I really want to meet people in Sacramento..id like to go out more and meet some people...doesnt mean I wont talk to other people who arent in Sacramento...so... pleased to meet everyone ^^