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30 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online 2 days ago
New York, NY
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Apr 14, 19 at 5:11pm

My depression has gotten worse.Im crying all day today.Im very hysterical and so scared.I need someone to talk to.Im really scared

Apr 13, 19 at 1:54pm

Will someone please be my big brother to cheer me up??

Apr 12, 19 at 5:14pm

If no one can be my boyfriend, would someone please be a big brother to me???Im very lonely and heartbroken

Apr 11, 19 at 4:10pm

Is there anyone on here who would like to be my boyfriend and heal my heart?????My breakup is really hurting me and taking a toll on me.

chimerayuri “Hugs”
Apr 08, 19 at 7:21pm

Im very hysterical right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please someone talk to me!!!!!!!

Apr 08, 19 at 3:26pm

Im very sick with a sore throat.I also miss Guyver III so much.Does anyone know where he has gone??Please tell me

Apr 06, 19 at 2:10pm

Im so depressed,Im not well at all,I really miss Guyver lll.Im so scared that he is gone forever.Im loosing to many people,Im so scared and making myself sick.Does anyone know where Guyver III went to???Im so scared that he is gone forever.Im crying so badly today,Im so scared.Please someone talk to me :( :( :( :( :( :(

Apr 04, 19 at 5:23pm

Im really scared,Im crying so much.I wanna soulmate to heal me

matthew_m1 left a comment for moirasayaka
Apr 03, 19 at 9:18pm

How you feeling?

matthew_m1 left a comment for moirasayaka
Apr 03, 19 at 5:40pm

I’m sorry what you’re going through it can be lonely, just take it a day at a time. I went through bad break ups myself it can be rough.