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26 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
Palatine, IL
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Jul 21, 16 at 8:21pm

Hello there

Jul 30, 14 at 1:03am

Oh I see, not much besides work and watching FMA Brotherhood, even though I already saw FMA, I'm watching it cause it's supposed to follow the manga better.

Jul 28, 14 at 7:32pm

I guess you're right haha.
So what have you been up to?

Jul 27, 14 at 10:16am

Well I don't think my drawings even apply to the term Art! jk, I can draw pretty decent if I want it to hehe.

Jul 15, 14 at 10:07pm

Oh you use Deviantart too! now that I remember, I did some mediocre drawings that I never finish because I was just trying out the brushes! some people say that they're good but I totally disagree, haha.
Anyway I'll go and check yours out =)

Jul 13, 14 at 11:33pm

Oh no don't bother, you can just tell me where and i'll check them out!
and no problem =)

Jul 12, 14 at 12:07pm

That's good, I hope to see your drawings anytime soon :D
Another thing, regarding your comment about your real name. I had a good friend in my childhood, his name was
Miguel and although it's a common name, I shall see it as a good omen.
And don't worry we're all very much strange souls that roam this magnificent yet bizarre planet.
Finally, the reason I'm polite is because, there's is no reason not to be.
I hope that made any sense =^.^=


Doin' well, anime and drawing mostly!! You do anything?

Jul 10, 14 at 9:28am

I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking! ^_^
How about you?


Oh I don't mind at all, just no one asks haha Well my real name is Miguel Angel Ortiz, while I love all things Otaku and pride myself on knowing almost all about anime, manga, etc., I'm as estranged as they come, 100% mexican haha..
Thnx! Well then your a new friend, and too polite for my own good so it'll be Jun-san, k? :D
Also imma sleep, past midnight and I've been drawing all day and exploring the outside world so nitey nite Jun-san, I'll talk to you right away next time I'm here, bye-bye!! (*^*)/