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Ardyn R. Sylvestious

32 year old Male
Dallas, GA
(I'm back with confidence and a vengeance!)

Hello. I'm the Doctor. Just kidding.

Let's see. The Name's Chris. I go by Ardyn.

I am rather Bisexual so, Ladies and gents, don't be shy! Shoot me a message!

Also, I feel that it is very fair to let everyone who reads this know that I am quite the pervert. So, if that bothers anyone, feel free to click off my page and look elsewhere.

Hobbies: I practice Kendo,I'm learning to play guitar, (i have 2
acoustics and a bass)I make my own cosplay, I love to cook and I kinda have a garden.

Anime Genera's: Romance, Comedy and Slice of life mostly. I'll watch
almost any kind of Anime. (that includes Shounen-Ai and Shoujo-Ai)

Personality: I'm kind of like Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor mixed with
Azumanga Daioh's Sakaki mixed with The Big Bang Theory's Raj. In other
words, I'm kind of a big mess of awkward awkwardness.I'm an Otaku
(Anime fan). I was someone's fiancée at one point so I have a few
sacrs. I'm kinda shy and awkward when it comes to the opposite sex.

I'd be more than happy to talk about Anime, Manga, video games and all kinds of other things.

Some of my favorite games are Monster Hunter World, Overwatch, FF15, FF10, BlazBlue, The Atelier series, Skyrim, and Miku Hatsune Project DIVA F.

Some of my favorite Anime are Seitokai Yakuindomo, Haganai, Lucky Star, Speed Grapher, Bamboo Blade, Air Gear, Claymore, WataMote, Ore no Imouto, Dragon Maid, The Helpful Fox Senko-san, Host Club, Vampire Princess Miyu, Gravitation and a LOT more.

Some of my favorite songs are My Way,Gurenge, Rubberband Man,Megitsune, Sorairo days, Tengaku - Music of The Heavens, Love is War, Shunkan Sentimental, Cherry Jam, God Knows, Bohemian Rhapsody, Chain, 7th by TUBE (anything by TUBE really)