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Puerto Rico
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Sep 19, 21 at 10:19am

you mean monster musume i would recommend the manga first but also the anime is amazing and the lamia's name is miia ( snake thing


Lately, I've been reading Kimi no Knife and playing Xenosaga PS2. Have to admit, both have been very fun.


I really only read the manga for Tenchi. But I enjoyed the story, plus the art. And for YYH, EVERYTHING. That show was amazing to me when I was a kid haha. How about yourself?


As of now I'm into Trickster, on my list. I try to find more unpopular anime to watch, because usually they are pretty interesting.


Rewatching Power Rangers is so much fun. Not everything needs to be hyper realistic or detailed.


I enjoy Anime games a lot. However, I am aware enough to recognize that the series I love enhances the experience and helps hide the deficiencies. I often wonder if the game would have the same impact without the anime backing it. Imagine Jump Force but without the anime element. Would it still stand strong?

Jun 28, 21 at 11:25pm

I really like psychological, so i'll give it a try!

what's your favorite manga?

Jun 28, 21 at 8:20am

Sweet can't wait

Jun 28, 21 at 7:16am

Yw welcome hope we can be friends on there