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Mecha Girl

Last online almost 7 years ago
Utica, NY
My name is Jeanne. I'm an embroidery and graphic designer by day; plushie artist by night.

When it comes to anime and manga I am a mecha-otaku at heart, though I do love many other types of anime. Recently I have been more interested in the older, more obscure mecha anime.

Besides anime and manga I also love playing video games, watching movies, drawing, writing, also outdoor activities like kayaking, skiing and hiking. I use to cosplay, though I have taken a break to focus of plushies, hats and other items which I now sell at conventions I attend. Eventually I hope to make that my full time job. *crosses fingers*

I may not be a big sports fan but I have recently learned that I love boxing and jiu jistu and hope to find a new dojo which is more in my price range so I can keep learning.

Personality wise I can be shy in person and enjoy my time alone, but I do love hanging out with my friends. Once you break though my shell you'll learn I'm a cheerful, and silly person at heart.

I love both cats and dogs. I have one cat of my own, a very fluffy gray mainecoon name Gandolf. Though I also have six betas as well; named Disco, Streak, Kongu, Command, Sandstorm and Optimus Prime.

My favorite movies are Pacific Rim, Princess Bride, A Monster in Paris, Romancing the Stone and The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).

If you want to know more feel free to ask.