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Last online about 18 hours ago
Loveland, CO
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Nov 06, 22 at 11:27pm
Lol, they are my metal band shirts haha
Those t shirts in the back look dope
Nov 06, 22 at 9:30pm
Awww thanks, they are my favorite leggings
Nov 06, 22 at 9:14pm
Love your leggings!
Miyuki @hibarisan left a comment for mattzpro
Dec 29, 21 at 3:58pm
Matt Matt.
Oct 27, 19 at 5:04pm
Yes, Discord works. I can contact you later tonight about it.
Oct 26, 19 at 2:01am
LamBOO, I'm sorry I do not know that this was against the rules and considered harassment. It was the other guy's idea to ask to get more information on that account. I apologize for I would not have done it if I had known. We just wanted to see if we could get some verified information and see if she was telling the truth. If you accept my friend request I can tell you the information I know and why I believe she is a catfish as well as provide the other guys account name, and another who contacted me and said she was being the same towards him. Thanks and sorry we should have done things a different way. This wont happen again for I now know not to do it.