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Last online about 2 months ago
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foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for masa88
Aug 15, 21 at 12:54am

one of the 88? or born in 88 is my guess if your one of the 88 i'll come to the battlefield .

ShinkuTsume @shinkutsume left a comment for masa88
Mar 01, 21 at 3:00am


Hi there! I see you are fellow hunter. Would you like to talk sometime? Let's be friends!

half_gaijin @half_gaijin left a comment for masa88
Jun 22, 20 at 10:29am

hello? may i ask for your permission to become online penpals?

[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou left a comment for masa88
Mar 28, 20 at 11:00pm

Hope you are doing well

wolfofwolves @wolfofwolves left a comment for masa88
Jan 04, 20 at 12:10am

Is iceborne good? I always hated the ice monsters.


Hey hey, how's it going? I like your taste in anime! Care to chat sometime?

ragnar_chow @ragnar_chow left a comment for masa88
Dec 20, 19 at 12:25am

What is your stance on the JQ?

ragnar_chow @ragnar_chow left a comment for masa88
Dec 20, 19 at 12:23am

What exactly does the 88 stand for haha
Nothing weird right haha

mrkingofspades @mrkingofspades It actually stands for the 88 bodies she's piled up over the years. She started with one, then it just sparked a string of violent episodes. She felt like Ted Bundy after the first, but her thirst was no longer able to be satisfied. That itch grew harder not to scratch. She snapped again, and again, and again. The rush was too much for her to handle. She couldn't stop at that point, it became too much. The toll rapidly grew into the 70's, then the 80's. She grew wary; the fuzz began getting a whiff of her presence. She wasn't ready to be caught. Her count was at 83. There was an investigation team consisting of her final 5 victims. Let's just say the investigation is no longer open. The 88 reminds her every day of the time she beat the system; and it fills her with vigor. Every gaze at the number 88 gives her just one more feel of that rush she once felt while on her spree. The reminding number that defined her finest moments of fame. Nothing weird at all, mate.
king @sakuna left a comment for masa88
Dec 05, 19 at 5:57pm

ayo what's up got a discord?

eden99 @eden99 left a comment for masa88
Jun 28, 19 at 12:44pm

Hello ^^ I've seen quite a lot of anime too. And when I saw that you've also seen Ouran Host Club, I really wanted to talk to you! Do you mind if I drop a friend?

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