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18 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online 12 months ago
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Flaederururuh. left a comment for marika_fox2002
May 31, 18 at 9:29pm

Hope your exams are going well!

May 29, 18 at 8:14pm

Hello everyone! Sorry for not logging on lately... Final exam are coming so I study a lot... But when it'll be over, i'll be sure to log more often! Thank you all for understanding ^_^

Apr 18, 18 at 7:20pm

Tokyo Ghoul saison 3!!! Who are listening it? :D I can't wait to watch it all! (I'm waiting for all episode to go out since I'm too impatient to watch one and wait for the next one week after week... Stress me too much to know what will happen XD)

Apr 07, 18 at 2:05pm

Sorry for not being online as often as before! I had an exams rush at school so I needed to study a lot (I still have a science exam to study for monday...). I'll be often online when the rush is passed. Thanks for understanding :)

Panda-kun ™ left a comment for marika_fox2002
Apr 03, 18 at 1:00pm

Thanks for the request

Apr 02, 18 at 11:19am

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a safe anime site to download anime on my computer... It need to be safe without virus and free too. If you know one, I'll really like to know it :D
Thank you! :)

SoCKs Nyaa torrents maybe? Bakabt definitely
Panda-kun ™ I use kissanime but it does have alot of pop ups so idk