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Last online over 7 years ago
I am originally from Oregon and moved down here for college in 2009 and never managed to escape from California after that. Because of where I grew up, don't be surprised if I have some polar-opposite views from you on things like weather and the likes. I love the rain, nasty thunderstorms, snow, hail and generally dreary weather. I'm soooo sick of sunny 70 degree weather day in and day out >.<.

I listen to a lot of power metal and, as such, am an aspiring guitar player and have been playing for a few years. DragonForce is my inspiration for both learning to play guitar and the style that I play. Unfortunately I still haven't had enough time to make the jump from rhythm to lead. Perhaps we can learn together? :)

I am a huge gamer (hence the degree in game design) and would love to be with a girl that loves playing video games. I am mainly a PC gamer so if you're on Steam let's play some games!

I may be big into technology and the entertainment industry but don't let that make you think that I'm some lazy schmuck. I grew up playing soccer every year up to my second year of high school and love things like badminton, tossing a football around or shooting some hoops. I just haven't don't sports much since I haven't had anyone to play with.

I finally got to attend a Babymetal concert last month in LA so I thought I would add that rare badge of honor here. It was the most amazing concert I have ever been to! Put your kitsune up! (Kitsune da-o) \m/

Here are some of my favorite things:

NFL - New England Patriots for life!

Manga, Fantasy, Mystery

--Genres: Horror, Action, Animated, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
--Last Seen: Lights Out, Star Trek Beyond, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Star Wars Episode VII

--Genres: Anime, Discovery, Comedy, Animated, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Spy, MeTV
--Currently Watching: No Game No Life, Gundam: Iron Blooded Warriors, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Mission Impossible

--Genres: Power Metal almost entirely of Scandinavian origin (think places like Finland and Sweden), Anime/Movie/Game/TV/etc. soundtracks
--Favorite Bands: DragonForce, Babymetal, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Turisas, Alestorm, Sabaton, Xandria, Powerwolf

Video Games:
--Genres: FPS, RPG, MMORPG, Strategy, TD, Flight Sims
--Platform of Choice: PC and everything Nintendo
--Waiting For: Zelda Wii-U, Poke'mon Sun and Moon

--I could list everything I've been playing or just finished playing but it would be much easier for you to just go watch me playing them lol. No this isn't an underhanded plug for my channel but hey, if you want to "get to know me better" this just seemed like a perfect way.


I'm really picky (don't say I didn't warn you). Not really sure, but I don't usually like much of anything, but I eat things like corn dogs and chicken nuggets, mac & cheese etc.. Give me a salad any day. :P