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giga @giga left a comment for mad_hatter_teapot
Mar 19, 19 at 1:20pm

Congrats with the school, Im sure thats past tense by now but none the less. Be loud and proud. ;)

Reck @reckage left a comment for mad_hatter_teapot
Aug 13, 17 at 6:07pm

Sorry to hear. Got any cosplays in the making?

Reck @reckage left a comment for mad_hatter_teapot
Aug 13, 17 at 5:43pm

You go to Otakon 2017 too?

Jun 27, 16 at 2:12pm

OK, so I had no idea who Don Bluth was before googling him. Apparently hes responsible for a lot of my childhood memories tho, and i need to go watch Rock-a-Doodle!!! right now.

OK on to your questions.

I'm not really sure,I just hope that there's something. The thought of my consciousness just fading into the abyss is just frightening. When we die its just lights out, dirt nap "which it probably is" then that's suck a horrifyingly disappointing conclusion. Sorry if my answer is a bit of a cop-out, but the rational part of my brain just thinks that we came from nothing, and we will return to nothing. While the rest of my brain is just like =P naaaaaaa something cool will happen.

My biggest fear would be losing my mind and having to go through the rest of my life in a haze of thoughts not knowing where or who I am. That sounds like a living hell to me. Even more so if I'm not completely gone, just stuck knowing pieces are missing and not being able to find them.

I've never seen .Hack//Sign, so Sword Art Online wins.

If Trump wins, Canada seems like a good choice to start out with. I mean it's close-ish, and there wouldn't be that much of a culture shock. Plus i really like cold weather.

And i say Am-bew-lance.

Jun 21, 16 at 4:28pm

Wow I haven't seen the Land Before Time in years!!!! I wonder if it still holds up. Ill have to see if i can find a copy and see. Brontosaurus was a good pick tho, mine would have to be the pterodactyl. I think its because its one of the first flying dinosaurs you learn about as a kid, and just thought it was cool. I remember pretending to be one when i was little. O but speaking of dinosaur movies have you ever seen We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story? that has to be my favorite dinosaur movie. Its kinda like a Troll In Central Park, just with dinosaurs. Sorry about rambling about children's movies, also i think that's the most times i've ever had to wright the word dinosaur at once =)

I cant tell you how happy i am that you pick Donald Trump. You get a gold star for your answer. Sence you picked trump ill take Fred Waldron Phelps, who is the deceased founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yeah unfortunately being a writer is a hard market to make money in, but even if you have to do it in your spare time you should write and make up new and interesting characters because the worlds could yous a few more good stories. (that last line was a touch to corny wasn't it?)

Holy crap you gave a real answer to the the swallow question hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That was just a Monty Python joke. I'm assuming you didn't get it/ don't know what it is... unless you do, in which case your response is one-hundred times funnier.

That last answer is perfect so I'm not even going to touch on it.

Thank you for putting at lest some thought in your answer. It's nice to talk to someone who doesn't give succinct responses to everything.

Jun 19, 16 at 9:28pm

well your an excitable one =P .Anyway let play an ice breaker game where we ask each other 5 questions.

1) Whats your favorite dinosaur?
2) If you could meet anyone in the world alive or dead and punch them in the face, who would it be?
3) Whats your dream job?
4) what is the average wind speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
5) what do you think you need in order to be happy in life?

Jun 16, 16 at 4:00pm

hey how life, the universe, and everything?


-pokes head in after the dust has cleared from the battle field- Holy. SHIT. Where the hell have I been?

Short answer: Fighting for the sake of humanity.

Long answer: Adult-world stuff, like looking for a new job, getting a new car, and getting ready to turn a quarter of a fucking century while having a quarter-life crisis. I hear the 5 G's in my head right now: "Good God Girl Get a Grip."


When writing research papers, I often wonder if Attack on Titan has a general novelization (not the manga). I don't mean fanfiction either (although this may be as close as I could get if the creators have not released a novel).

The reason why I ask is because I'm working on a research paper and we are comparing the differences between two works of poetry. Lewis Carroll's work would have been torn apart by critics in the era where T.S Eliot's work was at it's prime.

So it makes me wonder if the current, modern, literature would be torn asunder by critics from the past or leave some sense of fascination.


Dear Milestone 3 of my research paper, please write a small, complicated, portion of yourself so I can complete you before midnight. I'm halfway there and I'd like for this paper /not/ to go over 10 pages.

Is this what happens when you work towards your bachelors? Do your papers become more than 10 pages? I think they might. UNLEASH MY INNER HANJI.

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