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29 year old Female
Last online over 5 years ago
Houston, TX
I'm a pretty down to earth, laid back, and easygoing type of person.

Hobbies & Interests
★ Anime
★ Manga
★ Photography
★ Cosplaying
★ Video Games
★ Jewelry Making
★ Drawing/Painting
★ Reading
★ Astrology, TAROT Card Reading
★ Listening To Music
★ Watching Movies
★ Stargazing

Favorite Music:
★ Pop
★ R&B
★ Rock
★ Hip-Hop
★ Alternative
★ Metal
★ K-pop/J-pop

Favorite Movies:
★ 200 Pound Beauty
★ Seducing Mr. Right
★ Bridesmaids
★ Crazy, Stupid, Love
★ The Avengers

Favorite TV Shows:
★ Family Guy
★ American Dad
★ The Simpsons
★ Bob's Burgers
★ The Cleveland Show
★ Futurama
★ South Park
★ Rupaul's Drag Race
★ Degrassi
★ Glee
★ The Big Bang THEORY
★ Game of Thrones
★ Nip/Tuck
★ True Blood
★ Supernatural
★ The Walking Dead

Favorite Books:
★ Interview With a Vampire
★ Queen of The Damned
★ House of Night Series
★ Morganville Vampires
★ The Hunger Games
★ Divergent
★ Harry Potter Series
★ The Mortal Instruments Series

Favorite Quotes:
I'm almost never attracted to PEOPLE purely on a physical level. And if I am, it's because I'm picking something up about them that's artistic, that I'm drawn to. I like good thinkers. I'm really, really attracted to people who have crazy minds. People that feel new, as if they'd dropped off the planet Xenon and landed in my life." -Lady Gaga