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17 year old Female
Likes: No Preferences
Last online about 11 hours ago
I personally LOVE waffles I can’t say why. Maybe because they are like pancakes with abs and I can put whipped cream on them ヽ(´▽`)/

Personality wise I’m ISTP

Call me audrey Chan (^ν^)

Looking for someone to go to a dc convention with sometime.

Believe me I’m definitely a cool and balanced out person. Anime. Excercise to become strong anime character. And eat. Dat me.

I got a pc so I’m looking into some games. Any suggestions? I still don’t have a mouse yet so that’s why I’m not gaming yet.

Books save lives. I read everyday and not just manga xD one book that I thought was cool was the animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker. I also like classics like Jane Austin. But be yourself love what you love. I dig it.

I have 6 siblings and one of my little brothers said that when he thinks of me he thinks of running (fav pass time), music (love Pandora radio) , and anime (^~^)

Btw I love league of legends! My name is Booey so feel free to friend me.

Things about me…
I. I’m 5’7
II. I’m an ambivert. Which is like a social intervert u.u
III. I’m autistic
IV. If I was an anime character I’d be a Kundere vigilante type with white hair and yes I copied that from an existing character ^w^
V. I like to drink soda over water and my blood is hot and fizzy
Oct 3-5
May 25-27
Jul 27-29
Aug 10-12