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Last online 2 days ago
“It is one of the considerable privileges of art that the horrible can be transformed, through artful expression, into beauty.” — Charles Baudelaire
• I adore art whether it’s making my own or seeing other people’s creations
• INFJ, creative, deep thinker
• Reading is how I spend most of my free time, I have an on going book collection of over 400 books, I read pretty much anything! But some of the types I prefer tend to be thought provoking and exploring the darker sides of humanity. My all time favorite book is Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, and my current favorite is Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
• Writing is another passion of mine. It’s a natural part of my everyday life, it’s how I process emotions, document things, and fill my free time. I seldom share my writings with other people, and that’s partly why I consider it my real passion in life. It lights up my heart in every way and it’s something I keep to myself.
• I tend to keep to myself in my life since I am always thinking and creating and immersed in my own world, that I don’t need many people in my life to keep me busy. I’d rather a close group of wonderful people than a sea of people who don’t care about me at all. All that being said, I’d love to get to know new people and make more friends and have good conversation so never hesitate to reach out, I’d be delighted to get to know you
• I tend to ask deep questions and I can be a bit blunt at times which can be off putting to some people, so here’s your warning

Other things I love in my life:
Working out, self development, horror, psychedelic rock, weird people, voice acting, journaling, yoga, learning new things, philosophy, collecting dolls, vintage clothes, and the amazing people I have met in my life