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29 year old Male
Last online about 8 years ago
Germantown, MD
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aaronjoy @aaronjoy left a comment for lokiy
Aug 30, 14 at 4:10pm
☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆
aaronjoy @aaronjoy left a comment for lokiy
Aug 29, 14 at 10:37pm
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づⒽⓤⒼ❤ u get a hug
mad_akatsuki @mad_akatsuki left a comment for lokiy
Aug 23, 14 at 7:48pm
Yooo! My day's been pretty great actually how about yours?
[Your Party enters battle] Now Facing: Pickle Jar 100/100hp ~Rickey use's twist - 5 hp Seemed ineffective - Pickle Jar uses Defense up + 10 Defense ~Rickey use's hot water - Pickle jar's Defense is lowered by 25 - Pickle jar uses slippery when wet + 30 evasion ~ Rickey use's black-up call ~ Chris has joined the battle ~ Chris uses Mega twist - 10 hp - Pickle Jar is now stunned ~ Chris use's triple twist ~ Critical hit - 96 hp "Brutal" - Pickle jar has been defeated ~ Victory Theme ~ + 30 exp to all party members + 1 Pickle
Aug 26, 14 at 11:17pm
Not sure as to who is directed to but i thought id tell someone. Been doing sit ups and squats the past 3 days or so, 30-40 situps. 60-80 squats Legs straining and stiff, hell today or rather like 10 minutes ago, i ffelt like i was going to vomit, i stayed within range of the restroom until now. its slow but its going to ramp up eventually. I dont know my weight as of now,but i hope i made some progress Later M'Takus Rickey~