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Last online about 1 month ago
Discord(HMU anytime) - Locknivar#6048 -> No, really, my job bores me if I'm not busy that day.
PSN -Locknivar -> Playing ESO right now.

Short Description:

I am a good kind of weird. I'm here primarily for friends, but I'm not against more.

Long Description:

I'm accepting of most people and I give everyone a fair shot.

In relationships, I don't like to have a "Type". I don't even think people have to be 100% compatible to have a long, full-fulling relationship. Sometimes, it's about being complimentary. That said, I am about improving myself and I'm now looking to adding a bit more content to my story. Co-adventurers are more than welcome!

I'm an extrovert who isn't shy around others. Learning Japanese for a trip I'm trying to go on next year. It's my first for what will hopeful be yearly trips outside the country. Pandemic pending.

I have a really wide range of interests. Basically, anything but (Most)sports. This includes playing guitar, philosophy, programming, gaming, art and other things.

I openly talk about religion and politics with complete strangers. I have never had an argument. I find other peoples view points fascinating and it's never about "Being right".

I work in IT as the human equivalent of Flex Tape.