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27 year old Female
Last online about 4 years ago
RainbowUnicorns, IN
efffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA
bands I like: Cradle of filth, weezer, bowling for soup, Set it off, my chemical romance, alestorm (im a silly kind of person),train, avatar, linkin park, dropkick murphy, hollywood undead, ICP, Mindless self indulgence. The list is longer than I could ever put XD

color: all of em
animal: probably my cacti "oglogoth" and "cathulu"

first anime:? was either digimon or sailor moon
favorite mmo: Blade and Soul
Discord: LillyPoof/Freelance#3499
Big gamer :) I'm working on a full rgb pc. I play ps4 and ps4 vr*^*(doom vr anyone?). I like my ds too will play anything from animal crossing to monster hunter.
I love to cosplay. I've done Alois Trancy, Gamzee Makara,Kurloz Makara. I'm working on an extremely funny wookie costume.
I also collect silly hats and hats in general that i think are cool.
I wear glasses because I have a lazy eye. I could totally be a pirate.
Aug 4-7
Feb 24-26
Aug 17-20
Mar 2-4