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Last online about 1 year ago
Nowhere, AZ
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Sep 14, 20 at 9:43am

Holy fuck its been more than a year.

Jan 21, 19 at 1:21am

I have 71 friend requests. There is no way I'm sorting through that shit.

Oct 30, 17 at 9:03pm

Its shit but I'll pretend I'm happy I guess.

Sep 03, 17 at 1:04pm

Been gone.
Someone came back into my life.
Its been sunshine and rainbows.
Guess thats it.

hanzosenpai @hanzosenpai left a comment for latemery
Sep 02, 17 at 3:56am

hi there

Aug 10, 17 at 12:54pm

Hello, nice to meet you ^__^ i hope we could be friends :) if you want to Skype or talk, my Skype is: richard.tizo1
It'd be cool to get to know you :)

silk @silk left a comment for latemery
Aug 08, 17 at 2:28am

Hey! I caught you on the "Looking" thread too. Lets chat and maybe play some games. There's a few very very cute online games that I know. My Skype is L.G.Payne if you want, just let me know you're from MaiOtaku and I'll know who you are.

spookster @spookster left a comment for latemery
Jul 06, 17 at 11:54pm

Hey, I saw your post on the "looking for a relationship" thread and to be honest I'm interested in getting to know you for sure. It looks like we have a lot of the same values and similar mindsets which is something I don't come by often. Just accept my friend request and send me a PM if you're interested in getting to know me back my dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jul 02, 17 at 2:27pm

Hi! :D Let's chat! ^_^


What're you looking for then?